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Feedback and Comments

1. For Our Blog

2021 Text Message and Blog Comment

‘We Ethiopians really thank you for everything you do. Your information and news are trustworthy.’

‘Thank you so much Mr. Mesfin and Ianet for your good works for our country. Your blogs are really wonderful and very informative. Your profile ia real awesome! How lucky am I to get in touch with a superhuman like you, and Ianet. Thanks for sharing the world your breathtaking history.’

‘Thank you for the wonderful knowledge you are sharing. Keep well and God bless.’

2. For Lucy’s People by Mesfin Tadesse, 1st edition

2020 Text Messages

‘Dear sister Jani, I read your book “Lucy’s People”. I handed it over to my elderly father. He might not read another story like that unless you write another book.’

‘The best telling of a true story. We are completely challenged by your book. That is why we are jumping straight to another topic from outside your book. Sorry to do that, but we need to tell you this because it is urgent. Today, Ethiopia has developed effective medicine that cures infection and illness from the coronavirus. As you know, the world is close to having half a million people dead from COVID-19. Still, powerful individuals, leaders and nations are against the disbursement of effective medicine already developed in Ethiopia. Ethiopia made the medicine much earlier on, near the start of the fight against coronavirus. However, Ethiopia is up against the World Health Organization, and rich and powerful countries. Even when their own people are dying from coronavirus, they don’t care that it is still unavailable around the world. Above all, the rich countries don’t want this medicine to be available throughout the rest of Africa. They especially do not want it found in Ethiopia. Injustice continues against Ethiopia and Africa. Thank you to Ianet and Mesfin.’

‘Your book is real. The photos are real. The history in it injects the brain. When I finished reading it, I felt that I was a full human being. When I was on the last page, I felt angry because only one page was left in my hand. Thank you. The world deserves it.’

Note from Ianet

Readers gave us their names. Yerada Lij Australia chose to withhold them. We did so to protect people.

Featured Image: Pelicans over Lake Tana, Ethiopia © Mesfin Tadesse 2020

ianet Bastyan

ianet Bastyan

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