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 Lucy’s People skilfully documents an intimate perspective on an ethically complex time and place.

“Humming with heartfelt energy, Mesfin Tadesse’s memoirs span a transformative and troubled era. Bright and charismatic, Mesfin cuts his teeth under the reign of Emperor Haile Selassie I. In horror, he watches the communist Derg coup of 1974, and, alongside his compatriots, struggles to endure the ensuing atrocities. As a headstrong young man, Mesfin must not merely survive, but must do so without compromising his convictions, or his love of Ethiopia. 

“Engaging to the last, Lucy’s People runs the gamut of human emotion. It strikes the tone of an affectionate elegy, such that it feels, at one moment, warmly descriptive, and at yet another, quietly indignant. In this manner, it weaves between the personal and the political: a feat widely accomplished with playful, acerbic wit. Readers can expect an appetising dose of flavourful detail, but without fear of excessive nostalgia or sentimentality. The storytelling remains consistently inventive, and rewards with gripping vignettes starring spirited personalities. These memoirs thereby tell the story of many – a story of resilient compassion and defiant pride. The result is compelling; Lucy’s People skilfully documents an intimate perspective on an ethically complex time and place. This review was based on a complimentary pre-release copy of ISBN 978-0-6488287-2-3.”___Ben Claessens

Ben is a PhD Philosophy candidate.

“This is rich material with great promise.” __blueink

It is genuine and tells the truth fearlessly.

Justice Magazine

“Your book is real. The photos are real. The history in it injects the brain. When I finished reading it, I felt that I was a full human being. When I was on the last page, I felt angry because only one page was left in my hand. Thank you. The world deserves it.”__Anon 2020

“In 13 years, I have not read an Ethiopian book like this one. It is genuine and tells the truth fearlessly. Amazingly, this story has come to us from Australia. Because of this, they have a refreshing perspective on the treatment of Ethiopia by outsiders. Wake up world. Read this book.”__”Around the World.” Review of Lucy’s People: An Ethiopian Memoir, by Mesfin Tadesse & ianet Bastyan. Justice Magazine, May 1-2, 2020. Translated by Mesfin Tadesse.

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