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Lake Tana pelicans inspire us to take flight in exploration of Ethiopian culture



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​​​​​​​Lucy’s People: An Ethiopian Memoir is the inspiring true story of a country and a life. Young Mesfin is a UN scholarship recipient, breadwinner to a dozen, and an engineer. He is wired to defend the helpless. Under the communist Derg 1974 to 1991, he holds his head high throughout random arrest, torture and forcible military conscription.
Related to Emperor Haile Selassie I, Mesfin’s parents are models of initiative. His mother and grandmother are patriots that resisted Mussolini’s 1935 invasion, and his father is a colonel. As a youthful Airborne lieutenant, Mesfin saves the innocent from military madness. Then, as project engineer for water development and construction, he protects local environments and traditions.
Mesfin is steeped in Ethiopian culture, attending the emperor’s Jubilee in Palace School. Ethiopia’s sun and moon are female, and women walk tall; he defers to them. His Jewish heritage inspires him, as does Abyssinian Engineer Queen Saba (Sheba). Then there is Lucy, the early hominid fossil. Her skeleton has survived intact for 3.2 million years. ‘To Ethiopians, she was a symboic mother. Hers was a story of miraculous survival. So was ours.’

To Ethiopians, she was a symbolic mother. Hers was a story of miraculous survival. So was ours.__Mesfin Tadesse

Front cover mockup for Ethiopia book "Lucy's People" by Mesfin Tadesse with Ianet Bastyan 2021
Lucy’s People front cover mockup © J.R Bastyan and M Tadesse 2021
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