HR6600 Against Ethiopia

HR66 against Ethiopia sanctions

Ethiopia Book Extracts Remember History

HR6600 Bill

The HR6600 bill introduced in April 2022 by the US attacked Ethiopians. It would have stopped Ethiopian diaspora in the US from easily sending so much as $1 to a hungry mother in Ethiopia – AFTER they had paid US tax. Inside Ethiopia, enterprises would not have been able to import medicine or industrial supplies without cash payment. I signed the petition against US Bill HR6600 at

Addressing the HR6600 Insult

By posting our Ethiopia book extract, we address the HR6600 insult. It is from Chapter 3 of Lucy’s People: An Ethiopian Memoir by Mesfin Tadesse, 2nd edition. Here is book information.

Today, Koreans give enormous credit to Ethiopian soldiers sacrificing themselves for their freedom. The people built a condominium, school and substantial hospital in Addis Ababa. Their use is free to descendants of Ethiopian UN Peacekeepers. View the memorial park monument that Koreans gave Ethiopians.

By serving as exemplary soldiers in the 1950–53 Korean War, Ethiopians were invaluable to Americans. They were the only Africans to serve. Mesfin’s historical source was his father, the late Colonel Tadesse – murdered by the Derg in 1974. He had served in 2 rounds as a UN Peacekeeper in the Korean War. Then he trained officers. Colonel Tadesse was decorated by Emperor Haile Selassie I and received a UN award. Recently, his eldest daughter received his posthumous honours in Korea.

Black and white portrait of Ethiopian colonel in uniform
Colonel Tadesse Shwasegid

Mesfin’s eye father (like a god father) Lieutenant-General Aman Andom was also murdered brutally by the communist Derg in 1974. This was how they thanked him for having led Ethiopia’s UN Peace Keepers. The late lieutenant-general was a huge influence on American soldiers, including a US general.

America, show Ethiopians some gratitude!

Ethiopia Book Extract: “Ethiopians in Korea” by Mesfin Tadesse

Korea 1950-53

US soldiers had socialised with Ethiopian UN Peacekeepers in Korea. High-ranking officers went shopping for something new at the Ethiopian camp. An Ethiopian corporal taught General MacArthur to play the Ethiopian violin. They risked court martial, but nobody enforced the rules.

In an army boxing spar, Lieutenant-Colonel Aman floored General MacArthur. The general became wary of thin, bony hands. Americans never won a volleyball match or football game against our slight soldiers. US soldiers began to call them kind killers. If insulted they did not retaliate, but none dared touch them.

Americans ate beans straight from the tin while Ethiopians added spice, basil, onions and smoked meat from wild-caught fish and goats. US soldiers began taking rations to the Ethiopian seven-star hotel for improvement.

Ethiopian Soldiers’ Self-Management and Military Strategy

A researcher found that Ethiopians remained at the battlefront for long periods yet returned looking refreshed. They never ate junk, nor smoked or drank heavily. After battle, they rehabilitated themselves with dance and music. Our soldiers chatted while playing table games – gebitadama and chess.

They travelled light. With heavy gear, Americans were slow to demobilise and escape attack. In battle, Ethiopians did not retreat. One short Ethiopian soldier fired his gun at three fleeing Americans. Shivering, they sat. One became a war hero. He visited the Ethiopian twice in Addis Ababa and, later, his grave.

North Korean suicide missions detonated truckloads of explosives at depots. Lieutenant-Colonel Aman told General MacArthur to dig pits and fill them with sand as traps. US soldiers had to stop boozing and bringing women to their camps. Hospitals and food, water and fuel depots needed to be top secret, isolated and camouflaged.

After the War was Over

General MacArthur said that the very word ‘army’ reminded him of Ethiopian soldiers

Lieutenant-General Aman Andom. In “Lucy’s People” by Mesfin Tadesse

White Americans gave African American World War II heroes no opportunity for leadership.[i] They segregated, slurred and abused them. At Nuremberg and Berlin, the US military served African American men meals after Nazi war criminals. US war heroes called Asian people ‘goose’ and ‘rabbit’ and African Americans ‘hippo’.

General MacArthur said that the very word ‘army’ reminded him of Ethiopian soldiers, and that he was optimistic about the future of non-White societies.

End of extract from Chapter 3 of Lucy’s People: An Ethiopian Memoir © Mesfin Tadesse & Ianet Bastyan 2021

Black Lives Matter


Bias Prevents a Fair Go

Has any bullying superpower nation ever examined its biases? Now is the time to do so.

Fair Go

How about a fair go for world peace? Africans, including Ethiopians, continue to drown in the Mediterranean Sea. African and Indian students studying in Ukraine died sought asylum due to the current war. They were beaten, kept off trains to the border and some died.


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Colonel Tadesse Shwasegid © Imperial Ethiopian Government. Ministry of Information 1972?

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