Front cover mockup for Ethiopia book "Lucy's People" by Mesfin Tadesse with Ianet Bastyan 2021

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I am Australian yet write an Ethiopia Blog. Why? In 2016, I met a yerada lij. I’d never heard of them before, but Ethiopia is the land of yerada lijoch. I’ve met them in Australia too. They come from all over: Eritrea, Eswatini, Fiji, Guinea, Iraq, New Guinea, Somalia and Tanzania. Could you be 1 too? Find out here.

Even cheekier, I co-wrote an Ethiopia book with Mesfin Tadesse, who is Ethiopian by birth. It’s his story of Emperor Haile Selassie I, Ethiopian patriots, communist Derg, cultural heritage, education and engineering. Welcome to my site.

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Praise for Lucy’s People book

“In my humble opinion, your book Lucy’s People is the absolute best book I have read since I started being involved in this podcast. I am deeply moved by what I read. I also appreciate the erudite details you provide. I love that this is a faith-friendly book, and that wisdom pours out of every page.” —Ari Barbalat (New Books Network)

Lucy’s People: A unique depiction of Ethiopia… which gives the reader a broad, holistic understanding of the nation.” —Online Book Club

Lucy’s People is available online through, Ingram Content, Lightning Source Australia and Kobo.

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Ianet Bastyan

Ianet Bastyan