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Lake Tana pelicans inspire us to take flight in exploration of Ethiopian culture


For the 1st edition: “This is a gripping story, well told.”__Sheger FM Radio 102.1

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author Mesfin Tadesse at Lake Tana near a shola tree
Mesfin at Lake Tana

“He finds out about the Battle of Adwa 1896, led by Emperor Menelik II. Inspired by Ethiopia’s triumph over Italian invaders, he phones his pregnant wife in India. She says, ‘Our child will be named Menelik, boy or girl.’”

“The star had a love interest, and there was a scene with what our grandmother called ‘naked kissing’. Mama Teliqwa took her rifle from her shoulder and aimed it at the television screen. She fired once. The screen shattered in tiny pieces.”

“At a monastery, a barefoot monk played with angels. Birds came to the roof and windows, gureza monkeys descended from trees, lions lay down quietly. That was a pianist.”

“The soil spoke to me, ‘I love you. Here, I give my smell.’”

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The April War on Amhara

Genocide is the systematic destruction of a people based on ethnicity. Ethiopian Amhara have suffered genocide for almost 50 years. Oromo forces of Abiy Ahmed’s government are now systematically attacking regional and urban Amhara people. 

Fidal character 'ye' wearing Menelik II inspired hat

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